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Cervical Spine Surgery—Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

ACDF (Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion) is a kind of neck surgery that involves damaged disc removal to relieve nerve root pressure or damaged disc and also ease corresponding tingling, pain, numbness, and weakness. This cervical Spine Surgery is a type of surgical decompression which is why the practice is also known as anterior cervical decompression.

Cervical Spine Surgery is generally performed after discussing the patient’s condition to treat spinal instability (fusion surgery) and Nerve cord impingement (decompression surgery). These two practices are combined to undermine the spine and generate a space for fusion to add constancy.

The Approaches of Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

Surgeons either approached the cervical spine from the back which is known as the posterior approach or from the front which is known as the anterior approach. In most cases, surgeons often choose the anterior approach for better results. 

The anterior approach brings less disturbance in the muscular system and is much easier to uphold the usual spine alignment. For instance, many spine degenerative situations cause damage to the usual curvature of the spine (lordosis). With the anterior approach, this curvature of the spine can be regained. 

Note: Some conditions require only opening up the front of the spine or sometimes both posterior and anterior approach. 

ACDF is one of the most common types of surgical method performed to treat cervical discs, there are some Non-Surgical Back Treatment methods also available depending on the situation. You can get more information about surgical and non-surgical spine back treatments on

Robotic Spine Surgery: Get Advance Spine Treatment & Surgery

Robotic technology is changing the way surgeons perform surgical spine operations, and TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE is excited to be at the head of this new technology. You might be wondering that why specialists here are so excited about robotic spine surgery? This is because it offers many great benefits to their patients compared to conventional surgery, including better patient outcomes with greater precision, speedy recovery, less blood loss, reduced damage, small incision, and more.

Robotics Spine surgery is an advanced form of minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery where surgeons use a computer-controlled robot to assist them in certain surgical procedures. As mentioned above, this technique offers multiple advantages and has revolutionized the surgical approach in many complex oncological procedures.

TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE is among the select medical institutions in the country that perform highly advanced Non-Fusion Spine Surgery. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facility, TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE hosts some of the top specialists in the field of robotic surgery and offers an integrated robotics program for various oncological cases.

Skilled and experienced professionals at TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE provide the best in class spine treatments and surgery. They are committed to providing the highest possible quality of care to their patients and optimizing their practices to always improve upon patient outcomes. The institute is one stop for your all spine problems. So, if you are suffering from severe back pain or any spine issue, consult them today by calling on 813-444-5567 or visiting

Total Spine and Brain – Personalized Spine Care Through Experts

Laser spine surgery is a kind of back surgery. It is entirely different from other types of back surgery mainly traditional methods of surgery. Laser back surgery is widely marketed as an alternative to traditional open surgical treatments. 

What makes up the process of traditional back surgery is that the surgeon makes a long incision in the back. Then, they move the neighboring muscles and tissues away in order to access the affected area of the spine. This eventually leads to longer recovery times and may cause more tissue damage. But during a laser spine surgery, the laser is used to remove portions of tissues located around the spinal cord and back nerves. It is a minimally invasive spine surgery method and can be effectively performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia. In minimally invasive spine surgery, only a very small amount of incision is necessary and it allows the surgeons for the areas affected to be much more limited with the focus on only the specific spots.

Whether you are looking for spinal stenosis surgery or a minimally invasive spine surgery for herniated lumbar disk, this specific procedure significantly reduces complications and help to shorten up your recovery time. Thus, if you are looking for minimally invasive spinal surgery treatment, then you may want to consider consulting the specialists at Total Spine & Brain Institute to assess whether this procedure could be beneficial for you. You will be rest assured that you’ll receive superior care from the top experts.

For brain and spine surgery don’t just settle to anyone contact total spine and brain institute.

Total Spine and Brain institute is home to a devoted crew of board-certified neurosurgeons and specialized in surgical and non-surgical care for patients with complicated brain and spine issues. Our neurosurgeons have comprehensive knowledge in evaluating patients’ requirements and presenting exceptional neurosurgical care utilizing the latest surgical technology and systems.

Our team presents general neurosurgical care and cooperates with other physicians at the total spine and brain institute to discover the best treatment alternatives for your brain or spine conditions.

If you are looking for minimally invasive spine surgery, total spine and brain institute is a home to some of the most high-level services and technology that are available to treat conditions associated with spine and brain.

We cater to the requirements of our patients with most cutting-edge neurosurgical techniques.

Our staff present personalized consideration for every patient. Being as a best laser spine institute, we do treat every patient with admiration and dignity. 

We understand that pain has a strong impact on everyone’s life, so it’s our mission to offer the best solution so that our patients can live a healthy and pain-free life.

So, if you’re looking for a spinal stenosis surgery, feel free toschedule an appointment, or you can give us a call at 813-444-5567. Our team operates seamlessly to assure you receive the highest quality of care.

To know more our clinic and services, please visit us at

Total Spine & Brain – Experts in Robotic Spine Surgery

In this fast-paced life, we often tend to forget about the importance of our essential body parts. Our body is a mechanical device. If not taken care of properly, the end result would only be our own suffering. One of such essential body part is our spine. Our spine is literally the backbone of our entire ability to move, sleep, and function properly. 

Majority of our movements originate from our spine. Thus, taking care of both of your upper and lower spines should be of utmost importance for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. Talking about spines, spinal discs also play a very crucial role in the lower back, acting as shock absorbers between the vertebrae, helps in supporting the upper body – allowing a wide range of movement in almost all directions. A herniated disk is a symptom that triggers back pain. It is a widespread medical problem that affects people of age around 35 to 50. 

Robotic spine surgery helps in transforming spine surgery from freehand procedures to highly accurate, state of the art robotic procedures with minimal radiations. 

So what are the benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery?

Patients benefit from this highly accurate technology that includes safer navigation of delicate structures. This technology is particularly important for patients undergoing complex surgeries involving multiple spine levels. Dr. Tien Le of Total Spine & Brain is a highly trained individual known for his cutting edge neurological techniques which aim to result in the most precise surgical care.

It’s time to end the misery of pain with Total spine & brain institute

Relieve your pain and revive your life with back surgeryBy the time patients discover their way to TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE to receive the treatment of spine and brain issues. Our team feels incredible compassion for those who have attempted home remedies, powerful medications and end up with no as such effects. 

Why to choose us; 

Several qualities set us apart from other spine specialists. Our board-certified professionals and surgeons are well aware of the various surgical procedures.

Before the spinal decompression, we will thoroughly discuss the condition and explain the procedure so that we can choose the best possible solution for you.

We understand that it is the most challenging decision of your life so that our team will support you in every stage of the procedure to ensure your comfort. You don’t have to bother about the side effects or other effects of the treatment as Dr Tien Le is trained in the most cutting-edge neurosurgical techniques, which results in the most accurate surgical care. For brain surgery, we have an extremely talented department and well-trained doctors who collaboratively work towards building new paradigms for understanding the human brain issues and caring for it.

It is a matter of great pride for us that TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN have formulated a facility and an atmosphere of team-work with all associated doctors. We maintain exceptional service and employ the most distinguished standards of patient care. Now you can consult with us through virtual appointments and leverage the telemedicine at

Align yourself with health at total brain and spine institute

New, robotic spine surgery is enhancing the results of spine surgery at the total spine and brain institute. This system includes image-guided navigation technology with a robotic arm that enables the surgeon to very precisely perform the spine surgery. 

The patients who are in need for minimally invasive or open fusion spinal surgery can easily opt for robotic surgery. The whole procedure requires careful planning, and it should be done by an experienced surgeon who has knowledge and expertise to handle the robotic-assisted spinal surgery. This technology also results in less operating time, thus reduce the time that patients usually spend in hospital. 

To serve the community to the fullest, total spine and brain provide all-inclusive medical services related to brain and spine issues. With world-class staff and extraordinary facilities, we always strive to bring the highest quality healthcare to our patients.

Our multidisciplinary team specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery and complex spinal disorders. We merge the most advanced technology with a shared wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide you with seamless care through every stage of treatment. If you need Spine Injury herniated disk treatment, our board-certified neurosurgeons are patient-focused and represent every potential course of action.

They will listen to you carefully and provide the best possible solution to your condition. We discuss every aspect of the condition and its treatment thoroughly to make an informed decision. 

 For more information, or to schedule a consultation concerning to herniated disk or other spine and brain problems contact the total spine and brain institute.

Total Spine Brain – Most Precise Surgical Care

The specific term ”brain surgery” refers to the various steps and types of medical procedures that significantly involve repairing the structural problems in the brain. Various modern technological advancements in the field of technology and precision-driven tools have enabled surgeons to operate on portions of the brain without a single incision in or anywhere near the head. And similarly, non-fusion technology in Non-Fusion Spine Surgery today improves outcomes by reducing surgical mobility. It is therefore very important for people to understand the potential risks and benefits of non-fusion technology in the areas and field of spine and brain surgeries. 

Why Brain Surgery is Done?

Brain surgery is done to correct and soothe out physical abnormalities in the brain. These can be due to various types of reasons mainly due to some kind of disease, injury, and even birth defects. Brain surgery is required if anyone develops the following kind of conditions or symptoms.


Brain Tumors

Nerve Damage or irritation


Pressure after a head injury, etc.

Robotic Surgery For Lung Cancer:-

In robotic lung cancer surgery, Tampa Robotic Lung Surgery Surgeon operates through small incisions in the chest to efficiently remove the tumor and the affected amounts of surrounding healthy tissues affected due to tumors.    

Total Spine & Brain Institute is an expert team in minimally invasive spine surgery, Robotic Spine surgery, and even complex spine surgery along with Henkin Neurosurgery. The following types of services it has to offer are:-

Non-fusion Spine surgery

Robotic Spine surgery

Cervical Spine Surgery

Brain surgery and much more.

Get Utmost Care for your Spine and Brain at the Total Spine and Brain Institute

Total spine and brain Institute is a trusted name for spine and brain health as we have the qualified and experienced neurosurgeons that are a miracle for our patients. It is one of the most important decisions made when one have to go through spine or a brain surgery. Our spine surgery experts are experienced at what they do. Laser spine surgery done with us will give the best possible outcomes, with no other side effects.

Neurosurgeons working at Total Spine and Brain Institute will provide you options even in your spinal surgery. We offer both spinal fusion and non-fusion spinal surgery. Both the process will be well explained to the patient first and at the end our move will be along with your satisfied move made. 

Laminectomy is surgery that creates space by removing the lamina — the back part of a vertebra that covers your spinal canal. Such big surgeries create a phobia in the patients, but with Total Spine and Brain Institute you will find it very comfortable to overcome such surgeries. Our specialists will treat you in a very familiar manner and will not even let you feel as if any surgery is about to take place. 

All we need is your support and believe and we promise we will come up to your expectations. You can find many of such details more on our website. Adding on to it, our contact number is also available there. Feel free to reach us on

Contact the Best Centre for Spine and Brain Surgeries

Surgeries are an important part of life. Human body is a complex machine which has its own limited timeline of functioning. Post that, it needs treatment and has to be refuelled in its own ways. There are various kinds of issues that takes place in the human body. Each and every body part have its own way of functioning. Problems occur and due to the problems, one has to be consistently be under medical supervision. Surgeries are an important part of medical supervision. The two most important body parts are the brain and spine. Both are very complicated when it comes to go for the treatment of these two parts.

We, at Total Spine Brain, are the leading platform in this regard. We have been in this line since a long time and have been catering to all kinds of brain surgery needs of our patients. Our team consists of extremely experienced doctors who have immense expertise. If you are to go for spinal stenosis, you can rely on us. We will take care of all the needful.

If you are in the lookout of spine specialist, we are the best ones to be approached. Visit our website to know more about us.