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Total Spine & Brain – Experts in Robotic Spine Surgery

In this fast-paced life, we often tend to forget about the importance of our essential body parts. Our body is a mechanical device. If not taken care of properly, the end result would only be our own suffering. One of such essential body part is our spine. Our spine is literally the backbone of our entire ability to move, sleep, and function properly. 

Majority of our movements originate from our spine. Thus, taking care of both of your upper and lower spines should be of utmost importance for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. Talking about spines, spinal discs also play a very crucial role in the lower back, acting as shock absorbers between the vertebrae, helps in supporting the upper body – allowing a wide range of movement in almost all directions. A herniated disk is a symptom that triggers back pain. It is a widespread medical problem that affects people of age around 35 to 50. 

Robotic spine surgery helps in transforming spine surgery from freehand procedures to highly accurate, state of the art robotic procedures with minimal radiations. 

So what are the benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery?

Patients benefit from this highly accurate technology that includes safer navigation of delicate structures. This technology is particularly important for patients undergoing complex surgeries involving multiple spine levels. Dr. Tien Le of Total Spine & Brain is a highly trained individual known for his cutting edge neurological techniques which aim to result in the most precise surgical care.

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