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3 Benefits of Robot-Assisted Lung and Spine Surgery 

Robotic-assisted surgery is a type of minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery followed by a computer-regulated robot to guide the surgeon. With the help of a robot, Neurosurgeon Tampa Florida can perform lung and spine surgery more efficiently without any kind of risk. As compared to traditional methods of open surgery, robotic spine surgery requires smallContinue reading “3 Benefits of Robot-Assisted Lung and Spine Surgery “

Post- Robotic spine surgery Tips

Robotic spine surgery is a revolutionary method to bring the best results from medical surgery. In this method implants and incisions are performed by a Non-Fusion Spine Surgery professional with high accuracy and fewer disruptions that leads to faster recovery and less pain. If you’re considering robotic spine surgery, then you might be thinking aboutContinue reading “Post- Robotic spine surgery Tips”

Robotic Spine Surgery: Get Advance Spine Treatment & Surgery

Robotic technology is changing the way surgeons perform surgical spine operations, and TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE is excited to be at the head of this new technology. You might be wondering that why specialists here are so excited about robotic spine surgery? This is because it offers many great benefits to their patients compared toContinue reading “Robotic Spine Surgery: Get Advance Spine Treatment & Surgery”

The pros and cons of back surgery: things you should know

By the time, you will sit for your spinal decompression surgery, your doctor might have tried all the best procedures that should have eased your pain and lowered your body weakness. With the strenuous and tough lifestyle that we live in, it is common for us to suffer from back pain that not only makesContinue reading “The pros and cons of back surgery: things you should know”