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Top reasons of visiting the total spine and brain institute for spine or brain surgery

Neurosurgeons deal with conditions that affect the brain, spine and nervous system such as tumours, infection or trauma. They cure or relieve patient suffering and the effects of a disease, injury or deformity. If you are looking for a Neurosurgeon Tampa Florida that offers affordable cost neurosurgery treatments, then you are just in the rightContinue reading “Top reasons of visiting the total spine and brain institute for spine or brain surgery”

Things to Do Before You See a Spine Care Expert 

Have you finally decided to see a spine care expert due to non-bearable spine, neck or back pain? Are you still searching for an expert in the field? Or, you have already shortlisted the best one in your area. Whether you’re still searching or have found the one, just make sure that the doctor isContinue reading “Things to Do Before You See a Spine Care Expert “

Find The Best Neurosurgeon For Your Non-Fusion Spinal Surgery

Non-Fusion Spine Surgery with a positive outcome is now possible because of technological breakthroughs. In the treatment of nerve and disc issues, many microsurgical minimally invasive procedures with low pain risk that maintain spinal flexibility in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine are used frequently. Choose The Reliable Neurosurgeon For Your Right Spinal Surgery IfContinue reading “Find The Best Neurosurgeon For Your Non-Fusion Spinal Surgery”

Non-surgical treatments for neurological disease

Since neurological treatments directly impact the CNS (central nervous system), they can limit the quality of one’s life. Impairing mobility, restricting cognitive functions and causing extensive discomfort, issues in the neck and spine can make your life hard. Furthermore, since the CNS is encompassed by an untangled nerves network, fibres and tissues, sometimes, it isContinue reading “Non-surgical treatments for neurological disease”

Post- Robotic spine surgery Tips

Robotic spine surgery is a revolutionary method to bring the best results from medical surgery. In this method implants and incisions are performed by a Non-Fusion Spine Surgery professional with high accuracy and fewer disruptions that leads to faster recovery and less pain. If you’re considering robotic spine surgery, then you might be thinking aboutContinue reading “Post- Robotic spine surgery Tips”

Counsel the Best Surgeons to cure all your Spinal and Neck Problems Effectively

Spinal and neck issues can cause a huge load of trouble and torture. It can incite various issues if not treated immediately. Finding the right clinical center and experts for spinal and neck an operation can be trying, yet no more. Total Spine and Brain is the most accepted name for essentially the establishment toContinue reading “Counsel the Best Surgeons to cure all your Spinal and Neck Problems Effectively”

What to expect from a Mazor X Spine Surgery?

Does your Brandon Neurosurgeon suggest you have a Mazor X spine surgery? Well! If yes, then you need to do your homework—educate yourself about this new modern surgery. In this blog, we will talk about the Mazor X Spine Surgery and its benefits and how it works? What is a Mazor X Spine Surgery orContinue reading “What to expect from a Mazor X Spine Surgery?”

Cervical Spine Surgery—Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

ACDF (Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion) is a kind of neck surgery that involves damaged disc removal to relieve nerve root pressure or damaged disc and also ease corresponding tingling, pain, numbness, and weakness. This cervical Spine Surgery is a type of surgical decompression which is why the practice is also known as anterior cervicalContinue reading “Cervical Spine Surgery—Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion”

Robotic Spine Surgery: Get Advance Spine Treatment & Surgery

Robotic technology is changing the way surgeons perform surgical spine operations, and TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE is excited to be at the head of this new technology. You might be wondering that why specialists here are so excited about robotic spine surgery? This is because it offers many great benefits to their patients compared toContinue reading “Robotic Spine Surgery: Get Advance Spine Treatment & Surgery”

Total Spine and Brain – Personalized Spine Care Through Experts

Laser spine surgery is a kind of back surgery. It is entirely different from other types of back surgery mainly traditional methods of surgery. Laser back surgery is widely marketed as an alternative to traditional open surgical treatments.  What makes up the process of traditional back surgery is that the surgeon makes a long incision inContinue reading “Total Spine and Brain – Personalized Spine Care Through Experts”