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What to expect from a Mazor X Spine Surgery?

Does your Brandon Neurosurgeon suggest you have a Mazor X spine surgery? Well! If yes, then you need to do your homework—educate yourself about this new modern surgery. In this blog, we will talk about the Mazor X Spine Surgery and its benefits and how it works?

What is a Mazor X Spine Surgery or robotic-assisted spinal surgery? 

In this surgery, robotic technology is used by Brandon Neurosurgeon for spinal instrumentation and fusion procedures. Robotic surgery is helpful in screw implantation, trajectory determination and interoperative navigation. Suggestions for screw implantation through Mazor X Spine Surgery comprise fusion surgery in neck, mid-back, and low-back. The Neck Pain Clinic surgeons also use robotic direction for surgical alteration of kyphosis and scoliosis.

How does Mazor X Spine Surgery work? 

The Brandon Neurosurgeon map how they want the robotic surgery to be done. And, when it all gets decided, the Mazor X saves the information. Once the surgery starts, Mazor X instructs the same approach that has been decided by the surgeon. Just like a GPS, the robot assists and navigates the surgeon to perform surgery and carefully place the instruments. This surgery is painless and requires very little time to recover. 

Benefits of robotic-assisted surgery? 

1. Amended implant exactness and protection in the settlement of the surgical instruments. 

2. A customized surgery mapping for each patient. 

3. Less radiation exposure. 

4. Less time to perform surgery. 

5. Better and faster chances of recovery. 

What robot-assisted surgery can be used to treat? 

Mazor X surgery can be used to treat a broad range of issues such as spine deformity, degenerative spine, spinal fractures, tumours, spinal implants and spinal fusion. 

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