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Total Spine and Brain – Personalized Spine Care Through Experts

Laser spine surgery is a kind of back surgery. It is entirely different from other types of back surgery mainly traditional methods of surgery. Laser back surgery is widely marketed as an alternative to traditional open surgical treatments. 

What makes up the process of traditional back surgery is that the surgeon makes a long incision in the back. Then, they move the neighboring muscles and tissues away in order to access the affected area of the spine. This eventually leads to longer recovery times and may cause more tissue damage. But during a laser spine surgery, the laser is used to remove portions of tissues located around the spinal cord and back nerves. It is a minimally invasive spine surgery method and can be effectively performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia. In minimally invasive spine surgery, only a very small amount of incision is necessary and it allows the surgeons for the areas affected to be much more limited with the focus on only the specific spots.

Whether you are looking for spinal stenosis surgery or a minimally invasive spine surgery for herniated lumbar disk, this specific procedure significantly reduces complications and help to shorten up your recovery time. Thus, if you are looking for minimally invasive spinal surgery treatment, then you may want to consider consulting the specialists at Total Spine & Brain Institute to assess whether this procedure could be beneficial for you. You will be rest assured that you’ll receive superior care from the top experts.

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