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Non-surgical treatments for neurological disease

Since neurological treatments directly impact the CNS (central nervous system), they can limit the quality of one’s life. Impairing mobility, restricting cognitive functions and causing extensive discomfort, issues in the neck and spine can make your life hard. Furthermore, since the CNS is encompassed by an untangled nerves network, fibres and tissues, sometimes, it is hard to predict the cause of pain. 

However, conditions like a herniated disc can easily be treated without surgeries. To know more about Non-Surgical Spine Treatment, keep on reading the blog:

1. Heat application 

Applying heat can relieve muscles that are causing pain. Adhesive heat wraps, hot compress and heating pads are all good options to opt for. Moist heat, for example, hot baths can also be suggested to get relief. 

2. Physical therapy 

Another best Non-Surgical Neck Treatment is to treat muscles that are causing unbearable pain. To practice this therapy, it is suggested to take expert help since a wrong move can worsen the situation. You can either find the best neurosurgical doctor to get suggestions about physical therapy on the internet or also can take referrals from friends and family. 

3. Medication 

Your neurosurgeon might recommend medications to ease the pain in the neck and lower back. It is advised not to take any medicine without a prescription. 

If these methods won’t work in easing the situation, your doctor will suggest opting.  Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. This is a surgery to eliminate a degenerative or herniated disc in the neck. Whatever treatment you may go for, make sure that you have relevant information about the treatment and your neurosurgeon is an experienced professional. 

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