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Post- Robotic spine surgery Tips

Robotic spine surgery is a revolutionary method to bring the best results from medical surgery. In this method implants and incisions are performed by a Non-Fusion Spine Surgery professional with high accuracy and fewer disruptions that leads to faster recovery and less pain. If you’re considering robotic spine surgery, then you might be thinking about what to expect afterwards? Well! This blog is all about post robotic surgery tips. Keep reading to know more.

1. You can go to the home same day of the surgery 

Since robotic-assisted surgery is less painful, fast and effective, there is no such need to stay at the hospital for a long time. After surgery, the robotic spine surgery professional will monitor you and if everything goes well, you can go home the same day. 

2. Take it easy for few days 

Non-Fusion Spine Surgery is indeed effective and doesn’t require much time to recover but still for a few days, you have to take it easy. You may feel discomfort while walking or sleeping—in such a condition your doctor will suggest taking some rest, avert energetic exercises and take prescribed medicines on time to speed up the recovery time. If you follow your surgeon’s instructions, you may resume the usual exercises within a few days.  

3. Watch for infections 

No matter how small implantation and incision is, there is still a risk of infections—you need to be careful with that. Ensure that you clean the incision portion regularly and wear washed clothes. Post-surgery, if you feel inflammation or pain, see an expert Neurosurgeon Tampa Florida as soon as possible. 

To know more about the procedure of robotic spine surgery and the post-surgery care tips, you can visit

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