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Get Utmost Care for your Spine and Brain at the Total Spine and Brain Institute

Total spine and brain Institute is a trusted name for spine and brain health as we have the qualified and experienced neurosurgeons that are a miracle for our patients. It is one of the most important decisions made when one have to go through spine or a brain surgery. Our spine surgery experts are experienced at what they do. Laser spine surgery done with us will give the best possible outcomes, with no other side effects.

Neurosurgeons working at Total Spine and Brain Institute will provide you options even in your spinal surgery. We offer both spinal fusion and non-fusion spinal surgery. Both the process will be well explained to the patient first and at the end our move will be along with your satisfied move made. 

Laminectomy is surgery that creates space by removing the lamina — the back part of a vertebra that covers your spinal canal. Such big surgeries create a phobia in the patients, but with Total Spine and Brain Institute you will find it very comfortable to overcome such surgeries. Our specialists will treat you in a very familiar manner and will not even let you feel as if any surgery is about to take place. 

All we need is your support and believe and we promise we will come up to your expectations. You can find many of such details more on our website. Adding on to it, our contact number is also available there. Feel free to reach us on

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