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Total Spine Brain – Most Precise Surgical Care

The specific term ”brain surgery” refers to the various steps and types of medical procedures that significantly involve repairing the structural problems in the brain. Various modern technological advancements in the field of technology and precision-driven tools have enabled surgeons to operate on portions of the brain without a single incision in or anywhere near the head. And similarly, non-fusion technology in Non-Fusion Spine Surgery today improves outcomes by reducing surgical mobility. It is therefore very important for people to understand the potential risks and benefits of non-fusion technology in the areas and field of spine and brain surgeries. 

Why Brain Surgery is Done?

Brain surgery is done to correct and soothe out physical abnormalities in the brain. These can be due to various types of reasons mainly due to some kind of disease, injury, and even birth defects. Brain surgery is required if anyone develops the following kind of conditions or symptoms.


Brain Tumors

Nerve Damage or irritation


Pressure after a head injury, etc.

Robotic Surgery For Lung Cancer:-

In robotic lung cancer surgery, Tampa Robotic Lung Surgery Surgeon operates through small incisions in the chest to efficiently remove the tumor and the affected amounts of surrounding healthy tissues affected due to tumors.    

Total Spine & Brain Institute is an expert team in minimally invasive spine surgery, Robotic Spine surgery, and even complex spine surgery along with Henkin Neurosurgery. The following types of services it has to offer are:-

Non-fusion Spine surgery

Robotic Spine surgery

Cervical Spine Surgery

Brain surgery and much more.

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