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Align yourself with health at total brain and spine institute

New, robotic spine surgery is enhancing the results of spine surgery at the total spine and brain institute. This system includes image-guided navigation technology with a robotic arm that enables the surgeon to very precisely perform the spine surgery. 

The patients who are in need for minimally invasive or open fusion spinal surgery can easily opt for robotic surgery. The whole procedure requires careful planning, and it should be done by an experienced surgeon who has knowledge and expertise to handle the robotic-assisted spinal surgery. This technology also results in less operating time, thus reduce the time that patients usually spend in hospital. 

To serve the community to the fullest, total spine and brain provide all-inclusive medical services related to brain and spine issues. With world-class staff and extraordinary facilities, we always strive to bring the highest quality healthcare to our patients.

Our multidisciplinary team specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery and complex spinal disorders. We merge the most advanced technology with a shared wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide you with seamless care through every stage of treatment. If you need Spine Injury herniated disk treatment, our board-certified neurosurgeons are patient-focused and represent every potential course of action.

They will listen to you carefully and provide the best possible solution to your condition. We discuss every aspect of the condition and its treatment thoroughly to make an informed decision. 

 For more information, or to schedule a consultation concerning to herniated disk or other spine and brain problems contact the total spine and brain institute.

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