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Make yourself feel perfectly fine with highly advanced Neck Pain Clinic

Is your neck problem is increasing day by day? Do you want to get treatment from the best Neck Pain Doctor? If yes, consider TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE, a diverse group of specialists and trained neurosurgeons who have performed thousands of highly advanced and complex procedures with an exceptional level of skill. The specially qualified team here is dedicated to providing a sleek patient experience that spans from discovery to recovery.

Offering a full range of the latest treatments for targeting and destroying issues affecting your neck, spine, brain, and skull base, they deliver the best possible outcome and quality of life. The professional team performs a collaborative and comprehensive examination of each patient’s diagnostic information.

With world-class infrastructure, dedicated team of specialists, and qualified & considerate staff at TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE, you not only get instant medical attention but we also make you feel at home. The world-renowned surgeons and other teams of medical professionals work together to create a customized care plan centered on the specific treatment needs of their patients. Latest technologies and treatment options such as Mazor X Spine Surgery give the best hope for successful treatment with the minimum impact on your physical and mental state.

Since technology is becoming the prime driver of today’s healthcare, coupling with expert doctors is also important. And in the case of neuro care, their experience and efficiency speak. So, if you are looking for the same, just find by searching for the best Neck Pain Clinic. You can also give them a call at 813-444-5567.

Consider The Most Reliable Mazor X™ Spine Surgery For Neck Or Back Pain

For scores of people struggling from neck or back pain, advanced robot-guided spine surgery is a major transformation. Surgeons can undertake less invasive surgical procedures with smaller incisions, less operational bleeding, quicker recovery times, and fewer hospital stays that enable patients to return to their busy lifestyles sooner.

Furthermore, patients and healthcare professionals are exposed to less radiation during robot-guided spine surgery. Robot-assisted surgery can also enhance the precision and security of surgical treatments, resulting in better results and a healthier lifestyle.

The Mazor X™ system is used in robot-guided spine surgery, which enables surgeons to design and develop a plan for each surgical procedure before entering the operating theatre. Once in the operating theatre, surgeons complete the procedure using the computerized 3D strategic plan, which identifies each subsequent step.

The Mazor X™robotic technology can deliver superior precision and outcomes to patients when used by a Best Neck Pain Doctor or Spinal Neurosurgeon who specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery and complicated spinal problems, as well as robotic spine surgery.

The Renaissance system from Mazor X™ Robotics is among the few robotic-assisted solutions available in the United States for embedding devices during spine surgery. The surgeon’s equipment is guided by the robot-guidance network built on super reliable pre-operative planning of spinal implants. The robot is positioned near the patient throughout surgery by either fixing it to the bed or immediately securing it to the patient’s neck.

If you’re experiencing significant neck or back pain, you should contact your local neck pain clinic immediately to schedule a Mazor X Spine Surgery assessment.

3 Benefits of Robot-Assisted Lung and Spine Surgery 

Robotic-assisted surgery is a type of minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery followed by a computer-regulated robot to guide the surgeon. With the help of a robot, Neurosurgeon Tampa Florida can perform lung and spine surgery more efficiently without any kind of risk. As compared to traditional methods of open surgery, robotic spine surgery requires small incisions that reduce scarring and pain, lead to a fast recovery and less time spent in the surgery room.

 Here are some benefits of Tampa Robotic Lung Surgery Surgeon:

1. Less scarring and fast recovery 

The smaller incisions eventually lead to faster recovery. 

2. Less risk of blood loss and infections 

Your Neurosurgeon Tampa Florida makes small incisions, lowering the risks of any kind of infections, less pain and blood loss.

3. More accurate surgery 

Surgeons require to operate near sensitive and healthy nerves, tissues, and organs that often get affected during open surgery. Whereas, the goal of robotic-assisted surgery is to remove the abnormality without affecting nearby areas. The small size robotic instruments and pre-planned surgery help surgeons to give the best results in robotic spine surgery.

Benefits of robotic-assisted surgery for Surgeons:

1. Easy access to hard-to-reach areas 

The upgraded precision and flexibility of the robot allow neurosurgeons to easily access portions that are hard to reach. 

2. Enhanced adroitness 

Robotic instruments exceed the adroitness and motion of the surgeon’s hand.

3. Upgraded visual area 

With the help of a robot, your surgeon can view the operated area effectively. 

If you’re confused about whether to choose robot-assisted surgery or not, you can consult the best neurosurgeon in Tampa at

Top reasons of visiting the total spine and brain institute for spine or brain surgery

Neurosurgeons deal with conditions that affect the brain, spine and nervous system such as tumours, infection or trauma. They cure or relieve patient suffering and the effects of a disease, injury or deformity.

If you are looking for a Neurosurgeon Tampa Florida that offers affordable cost neurosurgery treatments, then you are just in the right place.

We welcome you to the Total spine & brain institute hospital. We are dedicated to implementing a high standard of neurosurgery care at every stage

We have a well-qualified team of national and international faculty and fellows with state-of-the-art facilities, which includes multi-speciality wards with each patient having his own television to ensure comfort and privacy.

We take pride in providing each patient with the highest level of expertise in diagnosing and treating patients with complex neurological disorders. We will discuss your problems fully.

We are specialists in brain & spine surgery, and you can rest assured that your risk of brain tumour, aneurysm, blood clots or other conditions have been eliminated after a successful surgery. We will make sure that the recovery process goes on smoothly too.

Our specialist Dr Tien Le supervises the team of doctors to accomplish the desired results. He understands it’s his responsibility to educate other doctors and surgeons on operating on each part of the brain and spine properly by following the Henkin Neurosurgery.

For more information, you can book your free call consultation with us at

Things to Do Before You See a Spine Care Expert 

Have you finally decided to see a spine care expert due to non-bearable spine, neck or back pain? Are you still searching for an expert in the field? Or, you have already shortlisted the best one in your area. Whether you’re still searching or have found the one, just make sure that the doctor is right for you. 

There are several things that you should consider before entering into the office of a spine surgeon. This will help you to ensure that your doctor is right for you and can provide you with the kind of services you’re looking for. Here’s some factors that can be considered before seeing a spine care expert. 

1. Do your Research 

Do your research before finalizing any expert for Non Surgical Spine Treatment. Your health should be your priority and it will be dangerous to trust anyone without researching them well. If you’re considering Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, then your surgeon should be fellowship-trained and board-certified. They should be well-equipped with state-of-art tools and technology to perform the non-surgical or robotic treatment. 

2. Check your health coverage 

Before going for spine or neck surgery or any other kind of back & spine treatment, make sure that you know what your insurance covers. You’re required to check whether the doctor’s service fees are covered under your insurance. 

3. Copies of past medical records 

Another thing to check is your past medical records—obtain copies of each document if you have seen any other spine specialist before. This will help your current surgeon to understand your condition better to provide improved treatment. 

Find The Best Neurosurgeon For Your Non-Fusion Spinal Surgery

Non-Fusion Spine Surgery with a positive outcome is now possible because of technological breakthroughs. In the treatment of nerve and disc issues, many microsurgical minimally invasive procedures with low pain risk that maintain spinal flexibility in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine are used frequently.

Choose The Reliable Neurosurgeon For Your Right Spinal Surgery

If you need spinal surgery to treat your broken back, the first essential decision you must make is whether to go with an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon. The selection of the correct surgeon is critical, and you must examine aspects such as the surgeon’s knowledge and overall effectiveness.

Neurosurgeon Tampa Florida is a clinically trained professional who have finished a hard 4- to 7-year internship in neurosurgery. Neurosurgeons are experts in problems of the neurological system, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Although, there is a feature that distinguishes them from orthopedic surgeons is that only neurosurgeons are capable of performing surgery within the temporal bone of the spine. They can conduct surgery on a patient who has a tumor in the spinal cord, cysts, or spinal cord dysfunction.

Robotic Lung Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery is among two minimally-invasive options to open chest surgery for lung cancer, according to the American Lung Association, and it provides several recovery-related benefits as well as fewer risks.

The da Vinci surgical device, which uses computer-assisted robotic technology, is used in robotic-assisted surgery. A Tampa Robotic Lung Surgery Surgeon can operate on the chest utilizing a 3D-HD camera and small spinning devices to acquire a thorough picture of the inside of a person’s chest. 

Non-surgical treatments for neurological disease

Since neurological treatments directly impact the CNS (central nervous system), they can limit the quality of one’s life. Impairing mobility, restricting cognitive functions and causing extensive discomfort, issues in the neck and spine can make your life hard. Furthermore, since the CNS is encompassed by an untangled nerves network, fibres and tissues, sometimes, it is hard to predict the cause of pain. 

However, conditions like a herniated disc can easily be treated without surgeries. To know more about Non-Surgical Spine Treatment, keep on reading the blog:

1. Heat application 

Applying heat can relieve muscles that are causing pain. Adhesive heat wraps, hot compress and heating pads are all good options to opt for. Moist heat, for example, hot baths can also be suggested to get relief. 

2. Physical therapy 

Another best Non-Surgical Neck Treatment is to treat muscles that are causing unbearable pain. To practice this therapy, it is suggested to take expert help since a wrong move can worsen the situation. You can either find the best neurosurgical doctor to get suggestions about physical therapy on the internet or also can take referrals from friends and family. 

3. Medication 

Your neurosurgeon might recommend medications to ease the pain in the neck and lower back. It is advised not to take any medicine without a prescription. 

If these methods won’t work in easing the situation, your doctor will suggest opting.  Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. This is a surgery to eliminate a degenerative or herniated disc in the neck. Whatever treatment you may go for, make sure that you have relevant information about the treatment and your neurosurgeon is an experienced professional. 

Post- Robotic spine surgery Tips

Robotic spine surgery is a revolutionary method to bring the best results from medical surgery. In this method implants and incisions are performed by a Non-Fusion Spine Surgery professional with high accuracy and fewer disruptions that leads to faster recovery and less pain. If you’re considering robotic spine surgery, then you might be thinking about what to expect afterwards? Well! This blog is all about post robotic surgery tips. Keep reading to know more.

1. You can go to the home same day of the surgery 

Since robotic-assisted surgery is less painful, fast and effective, there is no such need to stay at the hospital for a long time. After surgery, the robotic spine surgery professional will monitor you and if everything goes well, you can go home the same day. 

2. Take it easy for few days 

Non-Fusion Spine Surgery is indeed effective and doesn’t require much time to recover but still for a few days, you have to take it easy. You may feel discomfort while walking or sleeping—in such a condition your doctor will suggest taking some rest, avert energetic exercises and take prescribed medicines on time to speed up the recovery time. If you follow your surgeon’s instructions, you may resume the usual exercises within a few days.  

3. Watch for infections 

No matter how small implantation and incision is, there is still a risk of infections—you need to be careful with that. Ensure that you clean the incision portion regularly and wear washed clothes. Post-surgery, if you feel inflammation or pain, see an expert Neurosurgeon Tampa Florida as soon as possible. 

To know more about the procedure of robotic spine surgery and the post-surgery care tips, you can visit

Counsel the Best Surgeons to cure all your Spinal and Neck Problems Effectively

Spinal and neck issues can cause a huge load of trouble and torture. It can incite various issues if not treated immediately. Finding the right clinical center and experts for spinal and neck an operation can be trying, yet no more. Total Spine and Brain is the most accepted name for essentially the establishment to get familiar for finishing your operations successfully.

Neck issues can cause a lot of burden and people don’t will overall view it fittingly. However, at whatever point left untreated, neck issues can provoke a huge load of dark issues. Thus, if you are managing any such issue, quickly counsel the best Neck Pain Doctor and complete the operation to fix it and reduce you from the torture and trouble and various issues that go with it.

Their gathering of submitted subject matter experts, staff and laborers ensure 100% satisfaction for all of their organizations by giving the best treatment according to the patients. They are similarly seen as the best Spine Institute to assist you with dealing with your spinal and back issues. They give the profoundly inventive Non-Surgical Back Treatment at financially savvy costs. They investigate the issue satisfactorily using significantly innovative diagnosis techniques and starting with the diagnosis; treat it in the right way. They likewise are renowned to be the most effective and high-quality team providing Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion treatments.

Along these lines, promptly, in case you are managing any such issue, just take their guidance. Visit their site to know more about their services and costs. Schedule an appointment today.

What to expect from a Mazor X Spine Surgery?

Does your Brandon Neurosurgeon suggest you have a Mazor X spine surgery? Well! If yes, then you need to do your homework—educate yourself about this new modern surgery. In this blog, we will talk about the Mazor X Spine Surgery and its benefits and how it works?

What is a Mazor X Spine Surgery or robotic-assisted spinal surgery? 

In this surgery, robotic technology is used by Brandon Neurosurgeon for spinal instrumentation and fusion procedures. Robotic surgery is helpful in screw implantation, trajectory determination and interoperative navigation. Suggestions for screw implantation through Mazor X Spine Surgery comprise fusion surgery in neck, mid-back, and low-back. The Neck Pain Clinic surgeons also use robotic direction for surgical alteration of kyphosis and scoliosis.

How does Mazor X Spine Surgery work? 

The Brandon Neurosurgeon map how they want the robotic surgery to be done. And, when it all gets decided, the Mazor X saves the information. Once the surgery starts, Mazor X instructs the same approach that has been decided by the surgeon. Just like a GPS, the robot assists and navigates the surgeon to perform surgery and carefully place the instruments. This surgery is painless and requires very little time to recover. 

Benefits of robotic-assisted surgery? 

1. Amended implant exactness and protection in the settlement of the surgical instruments. 

2. A customized surgery mapping for each patient. 

3. Less radiation exposure. 

4. Less time to perform surgery. 

5. Better and faster chances of recovery. 

What robot-assisted surgery can be used to treat? 

Mazor X surgery can be used to treat a broad range of issues such as spine deformity, degenerative spine, spinal fractures, tumours, spinal implants and spinal fusion.