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Cervical Spine Surgery—Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

ACDF (Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion) is a kind of neck surgery that involves damaged disc removal to relieve nerve root pressure or damaged disc and also ease corresponding tingling, pain, numbness, and weakness. This cervical Spine Surgery is a type of surgical decompression which is why the practice is also known as anterior cervicalContinue reading “Cervical Spine Surgery—Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion”

Robotic Spine Surgery: Get Advance Spine Treatment & Surgery

Robotic technology is changing the way surgeons perform surgical spine operations, and TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE is excited to be at the head of this new technology. You might be wondering that why specialists here are so excited about robotic spine surgery? This is because it offers many great benefits to their patients compared toContinue reading “Robotic Spine Surgery: Get Advance Spine Treatment & Surgery”

Total Spine and Brain – Personalized Spine Care Through Experts

Laser spine surgery is a kind of back surgery. It is entirely different from other types of back surgery mainly traditional methods of surgery. Laser back surgery is widely marketed as an alternative to traditional open surgical treatments.  What makes up the process of traditional back surgery is that the surgeon makes a long incision inContinue reading “Total Spine and Brain – Personalized Spine Care Through Experts”

For brain and spine surgery don’t just settle to anyone contact total spine and brain institute.

Total Spine and Brain institute is home to a devoted crew of board-certified neurosurgeons and specialized in surgical and non-surgical care for patients with complicated brain and spine issues. Our neurosurgeons have comprehensive knowledge in evaluating patients’ requirements and presenting exceptional neurosurgical care utilizing the latest surgical technology and systems. Our team presents general neurosurgicalContinue reading “For brain and spine surgery don’t just settle to anyone contact total spine and brain institute.”

Total Spine & Brain – Experts in Robotic Spine Surgery

In this fast-paced life, we often tend to forget about the importance of our essential body parts. Our body is a mechanical device. If not taken care of properly, the end result would only be our own suffering. One of such essential body part is our spine. Our spine is literally the backbone of ourContinue reading “Total Spine & Brain – Experts in Robotic Spine Surgery”

It’s time to end the misery of pain with Total spine & brain institute

Relieve your pain and revive your life with back surgery. By the time patients discover their way to TOTAL SPINE & BRAIN INSTITUTE to receive the treatment of spine and brain issues. Our team feels incredible compassion for those who have attempted home remedies, powerful medications and end up with no as such effects.  Why to chooseContinue reading “It’s time to end the misery of pain with Total spine & brain institute”

Align yourself with health at total brain and spine institute

New, robotic spine surgery is enhancing the results of spine surgery at the total spine and brain institute. This system includes image-guided navigation technology with a robotic arm that enables the surgeon to very precisely perform the spine surgery.  The patients who are in need for minimally invasive or open fusion spinal surgery can easily opt for roboticContinue reading “Align yourself with health at total brain and spine institute”

Total Spine Brain – Most Precise Surgical Care

The specific term ”brain surgery” refers to the various steps and types of medical procedures that significantly involve repairing the structural problems in the brain. Various modern technological advancements in the field of technology and precision-driven tools have enabled surgeons to operate on portions of the brain without a single incision in or anywhere nearContinue reading “Total Spine Brain – Most Precise Surgical Care”

Get Utmost Care for your Spine and Brain at the Total Spine and Brain Institute

Total spine and brain Institute is a trusted name for spine and brain health as we have the qualified and experienced neurosurgeons that are a miracle for our patients. It is one of the most important decisions made when one have to go through spine or a brain surgery. Our spine surgery experts are experiencedContinue reading “Get Utmost Care for your Spine and Brain at the Total Spine and Brain Institute”

Contact the Best Centre for Spine and Brain Surgeries

Surgeries are an important part of life. Human body is a complex machine which has its own limited timeline of functioning. Post that, it needs treatment and has to be refuelled in its own ways. There are various kinds of issues that takes place in the human body. Each and every body part have itsContinue reading “Contact the Best Centre for Spine and Brain Surgeries”