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When should you see a spine surgeon?

Many people experience some form of back pain or other spinal issues during their lifetime. With the tough and tedious life of today, it is common for you to experience spinal discomfort owing to the stressful working hours and the long durations. The pain over time turns into a muscular one from just a pain in your joints and this is when you need to seek advice from medical practitioners who are into the same field. The patients might visit a normal doctor that can recommend them to some other doctor or visit clinics that are not related to doctors performing laser spine surgery.

However, it becomes rather unclear for them whether they need to visit a laser spine institute for their treatment. That is why you must figure out why the type of pain are you bearing with so that you can get the right medical treatment. Once you visit a spine surgeon, you will get to know that the pain you are enduring is of what type and how can you treat it effectively. Various conservative measures include pain medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids either by mouth or injection, physical therapy and acupuncture too.

The following symptoms mean that you need to visit a spine surgeon.

  1. Any pain in the arm or the leg that might require spinal decompression surgery.
  2. Any unidentified pain that might require anti-inflammatory medications or steroids.
  3. Back pain is accompanied by fever, chills, night sweats, and weight loss.
  4. Inability to regulate urinary bladder or bowel function.

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